Röyksopp – Here She Comes Again (Dj Antonio Remix)

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деятель Röyksopp

правообладатель Национальный числовой агрегатор

класс Электроника , Танцевальная , Поп

продолжительность 02:47

размер 0.36 MB

битрейт 056 kbps

Here She Comes Again (Dj Antonio Remix)
Here she comes again Troubles on her brow Here she comes again With worries she can"t hide Who can stop the rain Pouring down inside? Who can keep her sane Give her peace of mind? Here she comes again Covered up in black Such a pretty face Such sorrow in her eyes Do you wanna know What"s killing her inside? Do you dare to walk The alleys of her mind? Here she comes again Troubles on her brow Here she comes again With worries she can"t hide Will you let it show Will you cross the line? Will you take her home And tell her she"ll be fine?
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